Viktor Tiulpin

Cap The LaTeX Editor

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Are there any good LaTeX editors for Windows, Linux? I thought there are not.

But then I found Overleaf. From this moment on, I did not experience any trouble with writing in LaTeX. Here are 4 reasons why you should consider switching to Overleaf.


Overleaf has rich LaTeX documentation, located here:

It’s about LaTeX, it’s about their editor. There are many good examples on how to use LaTeX even if you are not an Overleaf user, so don’t forget to bookmark the page :)


You can edit documents with your coworkers and forget about committing and pushing to your git repo. Change. Review. Restore any previous versions. All of those things are possible here, in Overleaf.

Aaaand there is a chat!

Control version

Even if you are happy with Overleaf collaboration tools, you may need integration with your git repository. There is a GitHub sync feature available for every your Overleaf project.


So you finally completed your document. Or maybe your new paper? There is a way to publish it using Overleaf!

Vincent, we happy?

You can register your Overleaf account using my referral link to give me some bonuses:

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